Outdoor Photo Contest

The 2017 submission window is has closed. See the 2017 winners here! 

Submissions window closed September 8, 2017. Stay tuned for 2018.

Cascade-Siskiyou (photo courtesy BLM)

The Big Picture - For over 40 years, Oregon Wild has worked to protect the bigger picture - the landscapes and ecosystems that keep our state in balance, keep us healthy and active, and give Oregon an aesthetic unlike any other. For over a decade, our Outdoor Photo Contest has been the platform to showcase these essential and beautiful places we call home. Now more than ever, our public lands and the life they sustain need our attention and protection. Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, you can help us put the focus on our mountains, forests, rivers, and native wildlife to safeguard them for generations to come simply by entering the 13th annual Outdoor Photo Contest.

Photographers of all ages and abilities can enter photos in the 13th annual Outdoor Photo Contest’s four main categories (see below). By capturing and sharing what you love about Oregon as only a nature photographer can, you’ll help everyone see the bigger picture.

Enter your photos in the 13th annual Outdoor Photo Contest’s four main categories:

An entry fee of just $5 enables you to submit up to five total photos to any of the four main categories and enters you into the chance to win exciting prizes from our outstanding sponsors, including:

  • $250 gift certificate to Pro Photo Supply
  • More prizes to come...

Plus, your images might just be featured in our newsletter or in other publications to help inspire others to protect Oregon's special places! 

See the 2016 winners here. Check out the 2017 winners here or below:

  • 2017 Wildlands Winner
    The 2017 Wildlands winner: Trillium Lake by Joe Keller.
  • 2017 Wildlands 1st Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlands 1st runner-up: Alvord Desert by Mark Darnell.
  • 2017 Wildlands 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlands 2nd runner-up: Broken Top by Chris Liedle.
  • 2017 Wildlands 3rd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlands 3rd runner-up: Deschutes National Forest by Cheryl Hill.
  • 2017 Wildlife Winner
    The 2017 Wildlife winner: Red Fox Hunting by Drew Watson.
  • 2017 Wildlife 1st Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlife 1st runner-up: Great Gray Owlet by Rhett Wilkins.
  • 2017 Wildlife 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Wildlife 2nd runner-up: American Pika by Carol Thompson.
  • 2017 Waters Winner
    The 2017 Waters winner: Oneonta Falls by Caleb Jacobson.
  • 2017 Waters 1st Runner-Up
    The 2017 Waters 1st runner-up: Lost Lake by Daniel Gomez.
  • 2017 Waters 2nd Runner-Up
    The 2017 Waters 2nd runner-up: Opal Creek by Eric DeBord.

For all submissions:

Before you send in your images, please review the contest Rules and Submission Guidelines for complete details, including an explanation of the categories. All submissions must be accompanied by a completed entry form. Click here to pay your fee and get started.

Finalists are announced after an initial round of judging in September. Oregon Wild supporters vote online for the grand prize winners in each category. We will announce the winners at our annual benefit, Call of the Wild, to be held in Portland on the night of October 13, 2017.

Please note: The Oregon Wild staff work tirelessly to protect the wildlands, wildlife, and waters that are the focus of this contest. We are unable to take phone calls regarding this contest and urge you to utilize the maps, detailed submission guidelines, and additional resources provided on our website to the best of your ability. Thank you for understanding, and best of luck!

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Thanks for joining us at our 2017 Call of the Wild event on Friday, October 13th where we unveiled the winners of the 13th annual Oregon Wild Outdoor Photo Contest.

Top photo: BLM.