Oregon's Fish & Wildlife

Oregon's diverse and beautiful landscape provides a home for an incredible diversity of fish and wildlife. From the old-growth forests of the Cascade Mountains, to the wetlands of the Klamath Basin to the mighty Columbia River, thousands of species depend on our wildlands and water to rest, feed, and raise their young.

Oregon Wild believes we all have a duty to be good stewards of our fish and wildlife. Our goal is to protect and restore Oregon's natural heritage to ensure our grandchildren and great grandchildren will have the chance to fish for wild salmon in rivers like the Clackamas and Rogue, see bald eagles soar over Upper Klamath Lake, and to hear the howl of wolves echo across the backcountry of the Blue Mountains.

Explore our native fish and wildlife profiles. 

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  • Bald Eagles
    The symbol of America, the Bald Eagle was once nearly wiped out. Today it thrives in the Klamath Basin, but only with enough water for critical refuges.
  • Gray Wolf
    Wolves are making a return to Oregon, but old myths die hard and Oregon Wild is working to educate the general public that "the big, bad wolf" is not to be feared.
  • Spotted Owl
    The proverbial "canary in the coal mine," spotted owls are key indicators of the health of our old-growth forests.
  • Coyote
    Oregon's wild areas play host to species both great and small.

Current Oregon Wild campaigns to conserve native wildlife include:

Some of the Species Oregon Wild is Working to Protect

Photo credits: Bald Eagles (Dennis Davenport Photography); gray wolf (ODFW); spotted owl (Kristian Skyback); coyote (Marylynne Diggs).