The Wanderer: An Alaska Wolf’s Final Journey

Informed by unparalleled access to a research project that studied wolves in Alaska’s Yukon–Charley Rivers National Preserve for more than two decades, award-winning author, photographer, and naturalist Tom Walker shares the story of Wolf 258, nicknamed “the Wanderer.” A GPS collar recorded the animal’s coordinates once a day as it moved through the wilderness, and to the amazement of all, the Wanderer traveled more than 2700 miles in less than six months.

2022 Wolf Report Reveals Another Year of Stagnant Growth

Today, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released its 2022 Annual Wolf Report. The report shows another year of stalled wolf recovery, driven in large part by a poaching epidemic. Of the 20 mortalities documented in 2022, 17 of them were known to be human-caused. The only reason the population grew at all is because the declines under state management were offset by wolves finding refuge in portions of the state where they still have federal protections. 

A Dire Year for Oregon’s Wolves

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) released the 2021 annual wolf report this week. Unfortunately, the report shows that 2021 was not a great one for wolves.

2021 Report Shows a Wolf Population in Crisis

Today, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife released its 2021 Annual Wolf Report. The summary of the report paints a dire picture of wolf recovery, with decreasing packs and breeding pairs, and a population increase of only two wolves. The report only contains 2021 information and does not include the spree of wolf poachings disclosed over the last four months of 2022, and others whose details may not be released to the public.

$22,500 Reward Offered for Info on Illegal Killing of Wolf in Northeast Oregon

Conservation and animal-protection groups announced a combined $22,500 reward today for information leading to a conviction in the killing of a collared wolf outside the town of Cove in Northeast Oregon.

On Feb. 15 Oregon State Police troopers, investigating a report from wildlife officials, found a collared wolf lying dead in a field. The troopers believe the black female wolf to be OR-109, who had been shot and killed that morning.

Gray Wolves Regain Federal Endangered Species Act Protections

A federal district court today struck down a 2020 decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that removed federal protections from gray wolves across much of the U.S. The Trump administration delisted the gray wolf after 45 years of protection under the Endangered Species Act despite the strong disagreement from experts who noted that the wolf’s recovery hinged on continued protections.

$16,5000 Reward Offered for Info on Wolf Killed Illegally in Oregon’s Wallowa County

Conservation groups announced today a $16,500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction for the illegal shooting death of a two-year-old collared female wolf in Wallowa County in early January. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Turn in Poachers (TIP) division also offers a potential $300 reward for information regarding illegal wolf killings. 

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