Jamie Dawson

e-mail: jd@oregonwild.org
phone: 541-382-2616

Jamie has been Oregon Wild’s natural-history-nerd-in-residence since 2017. Born and raised in the west, she's been fortunate to spend her life’s most formative moments on public lands and rivers, and has dedicated her career to stewarding and protecting them.

Throughout her life she's worn many hats, including flat ones (park ranger) and mosquito-net covered ones (bird biologist in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve). She has lived and worked in some of North America’s most remote and beautiful landscapes, including Alaska’s Copper River Basin and Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana. She is happy to call central Oregon home. 

Jamie spends as much time possible wandering around in the woods throughout the seasons. She is Oregon Wild’s token Adult Onset Hunter, but also loves flyfishing, running rivers, and cooking absurd meals in the backcountry. Her specialty is huckleberry-topped cheesecake. She works in our Bend office.